Bill Rigas

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Senior Software Engineer | Web Designer | Unity3D Developer | WordPress Specialist | Webix Expert
  • Excellent programming skills (started back on eighties and still
    growing stronger and stronger)
  • Airline Software Development (Both Desktop and WEB)
  • WEB development wizard (PHP, JQuery, Javascript, HTML5 and CSS3)
  • Delphi Pascal expert (over 20 years of professional experience)
  • More than 3 years of.Net experience. Unity 3D certified developer for over 5
  • C++ specialist developing software for micro-controllers like Arduino, ESP8266 etc
  • Deep knowledge of Java programming language
  • Owner of Ms IT diploma from University of East London
  • Seeker of modern technologies and of new development methods
    always updating my programming skills
  • Publisher of two iPhone apps (Duties Watcher and Mad Racer)
  • Currently specializing in Unity 3D engine developing VR and AR applications
  • Very good knowledge of relational databases
  • Webix JavaScript library evangelist



  • Senior software engineer at AIMS with more than 20 years of experience
  • Radar operator and small projects development at Hellenic Air Force


  • Msc Information of Technology diploma from University of East London
  • Computer Software Engineering diploma from Technological High School of Egaleo


  • Unity3D certification from Walker Boys studio
  • edX Honor Code Certificates for
    • Introduction to Computing with Java
    • Programming with C#
    • Introduction to Computer Science
    • Introduction to Computer Science and Programming


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