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Top 10 Latest Car Technology Innovations of The Past Decade

No matter where you are in the world, there is one thing you cannot avoid and that is the fact that the automotive world has come a long way and is continuing to develop rapidly. Cars have significantly improved over the years and manufacturers are looking to deliver better performing models on a regular basis.…
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The Use of Technology in Management

Photo by Oleg Magni on Pexels Companies and staff rely on technology more than ever to help create efficient business practices. Today’s business managers need to be comfortable learning new technologies and evolving with change such as communicating by email or Skype if necessary. As technology continues to advance, there are progressively fewer non-digital alternatives…
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Unity Particle System – Control the events with C#

How fancy would be to control Unity’s Particle System events? I have to admit that I always wanted to extend the functionality of Unity’s Particle System so to call my own functions, or to produce specific sounds. This article is not about making a Particle System, you can find tons of them at Youtube. I…
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The Effects of COVID-19 on the Web Development Industry

All over the world, countries are grappling with the social and economic toll of the coronavirus pandemic. While most patients (95 percent) do recover, the number of lives it has taken away in just a few months is undeniably significant. This has prompted every sector—from governments to businesses and civil society groups—to suspend, minimize, or adjust…
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The Top 5 Programming Languages You Should Learn in 2020. And Where to Learn Them

Getty Images If you’re looking for a career change, or even just a challenge, it might be time to learn to code. Actually, chances are, you’ve heard that before, and now you’re ready to finally get started. The question is, where to start? Fortunately, there’s a list for that.  Here are five programming languages you should consider learning…
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Why Unity is the best choise.

In my opinion Unity is the best game engine for someone to start making games with. It has numerous features and tools that making game development easier than ever. It is supported by a huge community of game publishers so you can find every possible solution to any problem. The primary language is C# so…
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