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Top 10 Latest Car Technology Innovations of The Past Decade

The rapid development in the world of technology could not but affect the field of the automotive industry. Over the years, cars have seen a significant improvement in both performance and safety compared to previous years. Car manufacturers are applying new advanced technological breakthroughs to the cars they sell to offer the ideal conditions for…
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COVID-19: Managing supply chain risk and disruption

The current pandemic underlines the necessity to implement new more efficient supply chain strategies in organizations worldwide. This article proposes a set of measures that businesses should take to respond to the  global supply chain problems caused by COVID19 outbreak. These measures will be the underpinning of a new supply chain model paving the way towards digital transformation of logistics networks. Cutting-edge technologies of the 21st century can play a key role in this respect. Read the full…
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The Vital Importance and Benefits of Motivation

Being inactive isn’t our default mode as individuals. Else, we would have been conceived as a sloth or a panda bear (no offense to these stunning animals). It is in our tendency to endeavor, to need, and to move toward a path of something we want and consider important. This article clarifies the reasons why…
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16 Key Customer Service Skills (and How to Develop Them)

Photo by Blake Wisz on Unsplash It doesn’t matter how great your product is: If your customer service is poor, people will complain about it, and you’ll lose customers. The good news: It’s not impossible to turn things around. Transforming your customer service from mediocre to great won’t happen overnight, though. It requires a serious…
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Business Development vs. Sales: The Confusion

Photo by Erol Ahmed on Unsplash Many sites have been composed to clarify the distinction between business improvement and deals but then the disarray continues onward. While in deals it is tied in with bringing item deals to a close, business improvement is tied in with starting up new business open doors for your organization.…
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18 Sales Mistakes To Avoid At All Costs

We’re all searching for the silver shot procedure with regards to expanding our deals however we can likewise take in an incredible arrangement from those salesmen who commit the most errors! Read the relative article here: to find 18 sales mistakes that poor salespeople make.

7 Tips for building a Robust Supply Chain

Cost reduction and time management comprise key aspects of an efficient and long-lasting supply chain, improving the performance and the profits of the companies. However, supply chain efficiency relies also on factors pertinent to the external environment of the companies. This article refers to 7 important tips an organization could leverage to unleash the potential…
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4 Tips for Setting Powerful Goals

The main advantage of defining objectives isn’t accomplishing your objective; it’s your specialty and the individual you become to accomplish your objective that is the genuine advantage. Objective setting is incredible on the grounds that it gives center. It shapes our fantasies. It enables us to focus on the specific activities we need to perform…
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4 powerful phrases for difficult conversation

You won’t generally have the correct words for clients. However, on the off chance that you have a couple “power phrases” prepared for conceivably troublesome discussions, you’ll probably hit a correct harmony and make a decent client experience. Read the relative article here: Customer Experience Insight and discover a few amazing expressions that can diminish…
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The Use of Technology in Management

Photo by Oleg Magni on Pexels Nowadays, businesses are increasingly relying on technology as a means of business development and practices. Executives and managers of modern businesses must be trained in communication technologies of all kinds, such as email or Skype. The rapid development of technology now offers much more digital solutions resulting in competitive…
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