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Using AES decryption with JS and Delphi

This article is about using the AES classes for encrypt / decrypt passwords or other sensitive kind of data with JavaScript and Delphi when perform requests from our web page to the CGI / ISAPI controller. To begin with you need to download the Delphi Encryption Compendium library from Github and extract the ZIP file…
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Exclude a post category from pagination

If you want a certain category to be excluded from the pagination of your posts page just follow the steps below: Login to your WordPress site as an administrator Select “Appearance” and “Theme Editor” At the “Theme Files” (right sidebar) open the “template-parts” droplet and select “content-single.php” Find the “the_post_navigation” function and add the following…
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Exclude posts of specific category

You can hide posts of a specific category at your page template by applying the following code snippet:

Display PODS of a specific category

Here is a small PHP snippet on how to display PODS of a specific category inside your WordPress page. The idea is to build a list of available categories from a specific PODS list and to mark the given category ($categ) as selected.