A simple way to boost your team is to set priorities.

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A simple way to boost your team is to set priorities.

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It is an illusion adapting the idea that when all the tasks maybe considered as of the highest priority or urgent, that this will increase the working efficiency of your employees.

A recent research by McKinsey & Company proved that in a typical week more than 28% of the employees’ time was spent on receiving and replying to e-mail messages.

It is more than necessary to help them set priorities. There are many people that hesitate to express to their manager their weakness of setting priorities. A good manager should always keep the door open to everyone who needs assistance.

If your team members are not satisfied with the time they spent in the office, it is more than obvious that there is something wrong regarding the priorities of the company. A team leader should be clear enough upon the “why” and “when” a project or a duty should be done.

Even for companies with sophisticated working environment and great communication techniques, where the “why” of a duty is very clear, the “when” of this duty may be neglected.

The team should know the “when” by including any deadlines are necessary in the project’s description.

A great way to do this is the Eisenhower one. The name of this method has come from a famous quote of a past US president, Mr. Dwight D. Eisenhower: “I have 2 kind of problems. One urgent and one important. Urgent problems are not important and important problems are never urgent.

This method has become a well-known decision-making table which assist people distinguishing between urgent and important matters.

So how can I enhance my team’s productivity?

So how to help your team to set priorities? Below there are some simple methods that managers may follow for enhancing the productivity of their team:

  1. Make the priorities check as a part of their working time. Arrange within the week time to check their priorities and contact them physically or by any electronic media (e.g. by video calls etc).
  2. Keep a calendar with the team’s main deadlines. Keeping the deadlines of a project is very critical for the smooth operation of a company. A public diary of the projects’ deadlines will assist the team to stay focused on their targets and on the way of assisting each other.
  3. Give your members the freedom to set priorities experimentally. A research has proved that people who have the feeling of free will are more satisfied at their working environment.

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Demosthenes Spiratos is the co-founder of EverFounders, COO at G. Manolopoulos ltd  and a results oriented professional with operational and customer service background experience more than 20 years at wholesale, services and retail businesses. He has hands-on experience in the fields of after sales support and business development with specialization in improvements of systems and operation processes.


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