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P&G Supply Chain Keynote Presentation

10 Minute Supply Chain & Logistics Strategy

by Rob O’ Byrne

Source: Supply Chain Secrets


Digital Supply Chains

Source: Strategy&

Using Blockchain Technology To Manage Supply Chains: How Smart Contracts Can Transform Supply Chains

Source: skalex

Top 10 Supply Chain Management (SCM) Systems | Best SCM Systems | SCM Software Ranking

With global product shortages and unexpected shifts in consumer demand, supply chain management has taken a spotlight role in today’s world. The Covid-19 pandemic exposed deficiencies of many global supply chains, which underscores the potential need for better technology (such as SCM software) to manage these bottlenecks. Organizations in industries that focus on manufacturing, distribution, procurement, logistics, or shipping can benefit from SCM transformations.

This video outlines our independent ranking of the top 10 supply chain management (SCM) systems in the market today. Vendors did not pay for or influence this ranking, so the video objectively outlines the strengths and weaknesses of each of the leading SCM systems.

Rating criteria included: overall supply chain functionality, cost, value, risk, and our team’s implementation experience with each of these SCM systems.

SCM systems in the top 10 list include, in no particular order:

-Microsoft Dynamics 365

-Infor CloudSuite / Nexus

-Oracle NetSuite

-Plex Systems

-JDA / Blue Yonder

-Manhattan Associates

-SAP S/4HANA and Ariba

-Oracle ERP and SCM Cloud




by Eric Kimberling

Source: Eric Kimberling – Digital Transformation

Your Supply Chain Strategy & Best KPIs

by Rob O’Byrne

Source: Supply Chain Secrets

Editor’s Note: This post was originally published in January 2020, under the title “Your Supply Chain Strategy & Best KPIs” in Logistics Bureau’s website.